How I enrolled 15 people from Social in Just 7 Days...

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Do you want to turn comments and likes into dollars for your biz?

In this mini free workshop you will learn:

  • My secret sauce to identifying who is a lead and who is a prospect.
  • You will also learn how to turn a lead into a prospect with The 333 Method for Facebook™ + Instagram™
  • I will also include my Favorite Online Scripts for Messenger that I use in my business everyday!
  • With my mini workshop and my scripts alone I enroll 3-5 business partners every month and acquire 3-5 NEW customers every week!
  • How to use Facebook™ + Instagram™ stories to create FAST rapport with your NEW Friends
  • How to quickly convert them into sales without getting stuck in the friend zone
  • Defrost your inbox that is COLD and QUIET and turn the HEAT back on! 
  • Throw out the cold market sleazy scripts and get excited about inviting again! 

People are looking for you on Social Media. It is time for them to get to know YOU!

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